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Hey, I’m

Lowell Byers

Actor / Writer / Producer

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recent work



Jed in The Chosen, directed by Dallas Jenkins. Season 4 currently playing in theaters. 


Performed english dubbing for many Netflix and Amazon Film/TV projects which includes, "Maestro in Blue," "Creature," and "Where the Track Ends." 


The sole narrator for the 13-hour audiobook, Up With The Sun, based on the life and death of actor, Dick Kallman, produced by Curated Audio and Penguin Random House. 


All national commercials are available to watch here, including the Choice Hotels, "Badda Book, Badda Boom," campaign. 





Stukh - an award-winning web series co-created with director, Jake Diamond.


Luft Gangster, directed by Austin Pendleton, appeared Off-Broadway. Huffington Post Review  


Scripts and treatments available upon request. 

Theatrical Reel

Lowell Byers Theatrical Reel
Lowell Byers


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